The Alan goes to Martin

Martin Perkins is the proud recipient of this year’s Alan prize, awarded to members for outstanding contributions to the choir’s wellbeing.

Martin receives Alan Shield from Kim:  "my humblest day"

At the presentation on the final day of the choir’s Suffolk tour on 16 July, chair Kim Ormond spoke of the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by second tenor Martin in his role as chief reconnaissance officer for the choir’s après venues – the informal singing by the choir following a concert.  Martin would spend many an hour visiting local pubs and ensuring that the one selected was of an appropriate quality and served beer that would match the choir’s expectations and tastes.

In addition, Kim spoke of the fortitude Martin displayed following his unfortunate accident during a choir walk in December 2015, when he slipped on the wintry surface and fractured an ankle ­– never missing a rehearsal despite his crutches and plaster.  “He is an inspiration to us all,” Kim commented.

Martin was visibly moved when he received the famous trophy from Kim at the Holiday Inn, Ipswich, later commenting: “This is the humblest day of my life.”