The choir walking group, in the shape of choir bass Peter Gillman, walked to the foot of the North Face of Ben Nevis on Tuesday February 4.

Peter sends greetings from a wintry Ben Nevis



The walk, which ended at the Scottish Mountaineering Club hut at 650 metres, took Peter through snow for much of its length. But thanks to a half-day break in the storms which had raged over Britain’s highest mountain for the previous week, Peter had a good view of the stupendous snow-covered ridges and buttresses of Ben Nevis, almost as far as the summit.


Peter actually undertook the walk for a BBC Radio Scotland programme about Everest mountaineer George Mallory, who climbed on Ben Nevis at Easter 1906. He was interviewed near the SMC hut by producer Chris Sleight, together with Noel Williams, editor of the SMC journal.

Peter's fellow walkers during the ascent

Peter said: “I enjoyed the walk up, particularly as it reminded me of the choir’s first walk which took place in Kent in full winter conditions in February 2012.”


The next southern meet of the choir walking group, likely to be held closer to Croydon and in less extreme conditions, will take place soon. Choir members will be notified of the details.


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