The Choir walking group turned out again on Tuesday, August 28, with seven members undertaking a five-mile circular walk on to the North Downs from Woldingham.  The group continued its run of good luck with the weather, enjoying both blue skies and spectacular views into the Weald land beyond the North Downs.

Wooded section of walk approaching North Downs Way





The walk started at 10 a.m. and reached the hour-long section that follows the North Downs Way around 11.  It was back at Woldingham at 1pm and then repaired to the King & Queen in Caterham on the Hill, scene of a past choir apres, for a welcome rest and lunch.

The seven walkers were: Peter Smith, Chris Beckley, Barry O'Gormon (basses), Roger Lee, Jay Rastall (barries) and Dick Jones (representing both tenor sections). Plans are already being laid for the next walk in September.

Jay and Chris check route on wayside map

The seven pose beside North Downs Way

Inspecting view of Weald from North Downs Way

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