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A walk in the mist

DECEMBER 8: A small but perfectly formed group of seven walkers assembled at Bletchingley Golf Club on Tuesday 6 December. As it was a morning start, the customary pre-amble beer was replaced by tea and bacon butties before the group ventured into the swirling mist.

The magnificent seven navigate through the mist

Navigator Dave found the route sagely but faced challenges in pointing out the historical landmarks, as in: "Over there in the mist you would have seen the Old Rectory House and the late mediaeval tudor beamed Brewer Street Farmhouse...".

Signpost helps direct the walkers

The group struck north past the Sibelco sand quarries and tested the acoustics of a motorway tunnel with a rendition of the customary "My Lord, what a morning", particularly appropriate in the winter gloom.

The group disappears into the gloom

The poor visibility fortunately concealed the looming face of Quarry Hangers on the North Downs until the walkers were ready to ascend. Dave offered three routes up the face, and was not surprised when the group rejected the Very Steep and Impossibly Steep options, opting for the basic Steep path instead. All reached the  crest without a cardiac arrest.

The seven plus Suki

Beer at The Harrow fortified the walkers for the return downhill leg and another song under the motorway. They particularly enjoyed the open vistas across the sand quarries as they approached the golf course. The final stretch past tees, greens and bunkers led the group back to the clubhouse for a late lunch.


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